What we do

Creating Opportunities

The iShack Project is using solar electricity to demonstrate how ‘green’ technologies can be used appropriately to incrementally upgrade informal settlements and slums and at the same time build local enterprising capacity and resilience within the community. This enterprise development model recognises the significant existing social, human and physical capital in these communities which can leveraged for sustainable development.

Empowering Communities

A key objective of the project is to build skills and provide ‘green’ jobs directly within the communities being served, supporting the high quality provision and maintenance of the solar electricity service.


What our clients say

My children are able to watch programs on our television after school, and I can watch the news everyday

iShack Client, Enkanini

My wife and I use our solar home system to charge our cellphones before we go to work

iShack Client, Enkanini

My new lights are cheaper, safer, and brighter than the paraffin lamps I used to have.

iShack Client, Enkanini

Our Partners